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The Royal Aeronautical Society is well known and respected throughout the world's aerospace community and membership implies a commitment and involvement in aerospace. Join a New Zealand community of Aerospace Professionals. Network, learn, share knowledge and learn about all the benefits of being a member.


NETWORKS: The RAeS NZ provides opportunities for members to join and become involved in local networks and to be part of a community of Aerospace and Aviation professionals. Whether you are looking to connect with members through one of our regional Branches or to become active in a shared special interest group, you are able to join one of our many groups or networks.
CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Further professional development for both those who are newly qualified as well as experienced professionals through lectures, conferences and online interaction promote the ongoing progression of your career, skills and knowledge while making sure you are keeping up with current professional standards and competencies and increasing your employability.
PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION AND REGISTRATION: If you are an Engineer working in the Aerospace industry then you can gain Professional Registration, a professional qualification demonstrating your knowledge, skill and competence as an Engineer. Find out more.
AWARDS & SCHOLARSHIP: There are opportunities available to gain an award or support with further studies with the Society. Learn more.
DISCOUNTS: Society members enjoy discounted registration at NZ Division events and activities.

Membership Grades

There are seven grades of membership to reflect the differing levels of involvement and achievement. These grades cater to a wide range of individuals, from interested amateurs to those at the very top of their careers in aerospace.

Affiliate Grade
Enjoy the benefits of membership, including a complimentary magazine subscription to AEROSPACE. Affiliate membership is for those with an interest in aerospace and/or aviation but do not work within these sectors.

Student Grade
Free student membership. To qualify for the free Student Affiliate membership, you should be in full-time study and intending to follow a career in aerospace.

Associate Grade (ARAeS)
The Associate grade is appropriate for graduates or professionals with some experience within the industry.

Associate Member Grade (AMRAeS)
An Associate Member will usually have an honours degree plus 2 years experience or for those who do not have an honours degree, 12 years of experience in industry.

Member Grade (MRAeS)
A grade for experienced Aeronautical or Aerospace professionals. The benchmark entry standard is an Honours degree plus at least four years' appropriate experience in the aeronautical or aviation industry. However, non-degree holders with at least fifteen years of experience in the industry (of which seven should be in a position of responsibility).

For full details of the requirements for Member, please see the Member section of the Membership Handbook

Companion Grade (CRAeS)
Companionship is granted to those who are of valuable service to the profession of aeronautics, engaged in related professions with equivalent qualifications and experience as Fellows but who do not qualify for that grade.

Fellow Grade (FRAeS)
Fellowship is the highest grade attainable and is only bestowed upon those in the profession of aeronautics or aerospace.
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Engineering Council Registration

The Society's membership grades are a route to UK Engineering Council registration. As such, applications are welcomed from Engineers at any level of their careers. The Society is nominated to consider applications for all three registers:
UK Engineering Council registration is similar to the Engineers registration system in NZ which is administered by the Institution of Professional Engineers NZ (IPENZ) and the Engineering Associates Registration Board.

The Society accredits a wide range of academic courses that can assist in gaining membership.

Applications for membership of the Society are invited from persons professionally engaged in the aviation industry and from persons who are interested in aviation but not working in the industry.

Membership Forms

MS Word (Application Form)

PDF (Application Form)

To help with the process we encourage applicants to contact us prior to completing the application form.

Complete the application electronically by MS Word, or by hand. Print and sign the application and send by email to the Membership Officer

Or by post to:

Royal Aeronautical Society NZ Division
Attn: Membership Officer
PO Box 435
Waikanae 5250

Membership Charges:

Once a new membership application has been approved and grade confirmed for that candidate, and for existing member grades, the annual charge for membership is as follows:

Associate Member

The Society does not require any application forms for Branch membership in New Zealand. Anyone interested should contact their local branch directly ( see BRANCHES ). The Branches handle their own membership at moderate cost for anyone interested in monthly aviation lectures and events.

Contact us for more information, or if you have an enquiry about membership.
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