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Online ZOOM meetings usually the last Thursday each month February - November

Date: Thursday 26 November 2020
Time: 1000-1100

For this month’s CPD session, we will have two presentations:

“Obtaining Professional Registration” presented by Ade Morris and Andrew Rooney
Ade and Andy will be talking us through the process for obtaining professional registration with the Royal Aeronautical Society. They will share the requirements for the process, describe the benefits of gaining professional registration and provide their insights having obtained Chartered Engineer status. If you are interested in gaining professional registration, please have a look at the RAeS website here: https://www.aerosociety.com/membership-accreditation/professional-registration/ and be ready to pose any questions you have.

“UK Reaper (MQ-9) Programme – Engineering Management Challenges” presented Rebecca Langton (MEng CEng MRAeS)
Rebecca was formerly the RAF’s Reaper Force Engineering Officer before her recent move to NZ. The RAF has been a key player for a century of military aviation. As its first large Remotely Piloted Air System, Reaper MQ-9 has been a catalyst for change for a lot of its operating models, from crewing requirements to compliance with engineering regulation. In particular, the terms ‘aircraft’ or even ‘air system’ call into question the definition of the Reaper’s system boundary; Air Vehicle, Ground Control Station (GCS) and communications links including command & control (C2). The programme includes multiple engineering contractors as well as UK & US governments, adding complexity to the coordination role. Within the unclassified nature of this presentation, an overview of the system, future progression and some of the unique engineering management challenges of RPAS and drones will be discussed.

Tim Dutton

Tim Dutton | Senior Technical Specialist – Flight Test Engineering
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

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· The presentations will not be recorded.
· All presentations to be open source (UNCLAS).

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29 October 2020

24 September 2020

27 August 2020

30 July 2020

25 June 2020

28 May 2020

30 April 2020

'COVID-19 and Air Transport' presented by Brendan Odell from the Civil Aviation Authority
'Space Threat Assessment' presented by Peter Cook
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2 December 2019

Andy Hewett – delivering a presentation on Electric Aviation and how it applies to New Zealand.
Charlie Morris – will deliver a presentation on Considering cyber security through aeronautical design

28 November 2019

Charlie Morris - on his recent attending the GAMA 'Electric and Hybrid Engines' & 'eVTOL' and ASTM F39 meetings in the USA

Andy Hewett – delivering a presentation on Electric Aviation and how it applies to New Zealand.

26 September 2019

Jozef McGurk will deliver a short presentation on positive safety culture and SMS..

Des Ashton (I'm yet to ask Des so it might be me) - an overview of this year's RAeS symposium, speaker line up and theme.

25 July 2019

Wg Cdrs Trev Hammond and Pete De Rungs - a short presentation on the changes to the RNZAF technical workforce and RNZAF technical airworthiness regulatory system.

Flying Officer Jack Mckinney-Ryder - a presentation entitled: Pyke River Disaster: responsibilities of a Leader.

30 May 2019

Henry Dumbleton, Flight Structures Ltd, will make a pre-recorded presentation for us which we will replay.

28 March 2019


Lino Miguel, CAA, will present a morphing-wing project he was involved with; background info.

Allan Knox, NZDF Capability Branch, on the V1 RC model he helped build for the 2015 Omaka Air Show
Allan will talk of the challenges associated with legally getting a 220lb scale model of a flying bomb into public airspace for an Air Show.

22 February 2019

The next CPD session is scheduled for Friday 22 Feb, when I hope to be able to live-stream presentations from the joint CAA-RAeS mini-symposium at the Wings over Wairarapa Airshow http://www.wings.org.nz.

The theme of this symposium: "Is New Zealand Aviation Ready for the Future."
We are planning to run it in two panel sessions from 1300-1700, with Q&A at the end of each session.

29 November 2018

Sqn Ldr Dean Bishop, RNZAF, on T56 turboprop 2nd stage compressor wheel risk mgmt plan.
First time use by NZDF of the civil EASA risk acceptance criteria for Part 25 aircraft.

Charlie Morris of CAA speaks on the recent ASTM F37 conference in the US.
F37 is the consensus standard for Light Sport Aircraft, a rapidly growing GA area in NZ

25 October 2018

Chris Calvert (ex-RNZAF) on disposal of a retired naval vessel.
His knowledge will benefit those of us at the creation end.

Des Ashton as incoming Chair on his vision for the RAeS NZ Division.
His background is A4 Pilot and Engineer to Civil aircraft maintenance, Dep Dir Acquisitions MoD.
Also time for questions / suggestions on how RAeS can continue to flourish in NZ.

27 September 2018

An Engineering focus this month from:

Rowan Jamieson (RNZAF) who will give us a 10-15 min brief on the RNZAF Anechoic (Shielded) Chamber and work on Portable Electronic Device testing :

James Pointon (DTA) who is going to share his research on UAS integration within New Zealand controlled airspace.

30 August 2018

A bit more of an engineering focus this month:

Simon Tait – Air NZ From Nothing to Design Change in 60 seconds:
How to get a repair onto an aircraft quickly [probably best that the CAA tunes-out for this one]

Murray McGregor - Flight Structures - Fatigue monitoring of the Agricultural 750 XL

26 July 2018

July's CPD focuses on aspects of both the old and the new:

Brendan Odell (CAA Airworthiness Inspector) will deliver a presentation on the Management of Aging Aircraft

Trent Fulcher (Airways NZ Innovation lead) will provide some insight into the Future of Air Traffic Management

21 June 2018
Two presentations from key players within the NZ Aviation Technical Space:

Sqn Ldr Paul Wright – RNZAF Officer Commanding Aeronautical Software and Avionic Systems:
Data Contracts and Trouble Shooting complex faults (NZ3618)

Mr Gaetano Settineri – CAA:
Design and Certification challenges for Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace

17 May 2018

Wg Cdr Graham Streatfield –
NZDF Future Force Development: Visions of the Future

Simon Williams - Spidertracks
Director of Product Innovation
Aerial Firefighting Innovations

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