Other Activities

The Division undertakes a number of activities from time to time, as Council considers necessary or appropriate. These are all with the intent of advancing the purposes of the Society, or providing an independent professional input or opinion on matters aeronautical.

From time to time the Division prepares submissions where it is considered that our opinion will assist in assisting others.

Recognition of excellence and commitment amongst aviation professionals is usually by recommending such deserving individuals for AWARDS made from trusts administered by New Zealand Aeronautical Trusts. Such awards will normally consist of a medal, a certificate and a monetary award. However, there are three Council awards that the Council can make in its own right.

The Division also works in co-operation with other professional bodies.

The Royal Aeronautical Society New Zealand Division and New Zealand Aeronautical Trusts Limited reserve the right to use, publish or post data derived from RAeS lectures, symposia, awards and other activities in the normal course of their business and in appropriate context.

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