Sponsored Lectures

The Division organises sponsored lectures on an occasional basis, where possible, annually.
The purpose of these lectures is to bring to New Zealand an expert on some aspect of aviation that would otherwise be unlikely to be available to this country.

The sponsored lectures were initiated in 1998 when Willis Hawkins, retired President of the Lockheed Corporation visited as our guest.

Past sponsored lectures have been:

1998 - Willis Hawkins "Hydrogen – the fuel of the future"

1999 - Rubin Battino "The three who flew at Kitty Hawk, and The genius of the Wright Brothers (two lectures)"

2000 - John Bacon "Building the International Space Station: How and why the nations of the world are uniting in space"

2001 - Hugh McCarroll "The technical development of aviation up to 1903"

2002 - The development of the gas turbine engine in the 21st century.

2002 - Rogers Smith "Thrust Vectoring"

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