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Treasurer - Errol Smart
Secretary - Nigel Ellis email
Committee Member - Trevor Lee
Committee Member - Cyril Payne
Committee Member - Phil Brazier, MRAeS
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Branch Meetings at Wigram are subject to covid-19 Alert Level 1 conditions. Meetings may be online in which case it will be advised below.

Next Meeting

WHEN: Tuesday 20 April at 7:30pm for 8:00pm start
WHERE: Air Force Museum of New Zealand Theatrette, Wigram, Sockburn, Christchurch
Enter the Wigram base at Harvard Avenue, off Main South Road just 100m south of the Sockburn Overbridge. The Museum carpark is a short distance inside the site (formerly RNZAF Base Wigram).
SUBJECT: From Walsh Flying School to the A380
SPEAKER: Morris Tull, Emirates Captain

At a young age, Morris started his flying at the Walsh Memorial Flying School, which is a summer camp for those with an inclination towards spending their lives in the sky. In the early 80’s, Morris joined Air New Zealand as an aircraft engineering apprentice, and like a few before him, also joined the Air New Zealand Flying Club to continue learning to fly. He was successful in both spheres of endeavour, and now Captains the world’s biggest commercial passenger aircraft with Emirates Airline, along with being a Champion in aerobatic flight. The journey to those positions makes for an interesting tale.

Read the Newsletter for details. Members will be emailed if it changes to a Zoom meeting. Email the Secretary if any queries.

The following meeting will be held on Tuesday 18 May 2021, with Nicholas Ashley of the Christchurch Airport discussing the future of the Christchurch Airport.


Membership Contact Details
We try our best to have up-to-date contact details, but due to the earthquakes and subsequent rebuilds some member's details have changed and, if they fail to tell us, communication fails. If you are aware of any member who is not getting the newsletters, please let the Secretary know.

Please Note: Members are most welcome to bring a friend along to the meeting, but on the strict understanding that this invitation to attend as a guest is limited to one presentation evening only. A second attendance would indicate a wish to join the Branch. Details of a prospective member may be given to any Committee member present or contact may be made via email to the Secretary as noted above.

Past Events

02 March 2021 Speaker: Graham Dilks; Subject: Replacing the RNZAF Lockheed C-130H

17 November 2020 Speaker: Josh Shotton; Subject: "From Secondary School to the ATR cockpit"

20 October 2020 Speaker: Malcolm Taylor; Subject: "Upset Prevention and Recovery Training"

15 September 2020 Speaker: John Wilson; Subject: ''The Quiet Revolution - Advances in CNS (Communications, Navigation and Surveillance) and Air Traffic Management"

18 August 2020 Speaker: Pat Scotter; Subject: "An Alternative View of Aviation Safety"

21 July 2020 Speaker: Josh Shotton; Subject: "From Schoolboy to ATR Cockpit"

16 June 2020 Speaker: DavePark; Subject: "NASA Balloons Over Wanaka"

19 May 2020 - (under Covid-19 Alert Level 2) A Zoom on-line discussion with Ian as Chair. - Speaker: Ian Carmichael; Subject: "The Effect of Covid-19 Lockdown on General Aviation"

21 April 2020 - (under Covid-19 Alert Level 4 lock-down) A Zoom on-line discussion with members on the state of aviation, and Ian Carmichael as chair. - Speaker: Ian Carmichael; Subject: "A Discussion on the Current State of Commercial Aviation"

17 March 2020 - Brian Hall spoke about his work in repairing his T-28 Trojan after a wheels-up landing. - Speaker: Brian Hall; Subject: "The T-28 Trojan Repair"

18 February 2020 - A video of an interview with Norman (Lord) Tebbit on his flying days. An open discussion on the current state of aircraft manufacturing.

19 November 2019 - Speaker: Ian Carmichael Subject: Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown. Ian will introduce an RAeS video about life and activities of Captain Eric Melrose Brown CBE, DSC, AFC, Hon FRAeS, RN. He was a British Royal Navy officer and test pilot who flew 487 types of aircraft, more than anyone else in history.

15 October 2019 - Speaker: Open Forum. Subject: The BOEING 737 MAX Crisis
Ian Carmichael will moderate an open forum for all to contribute to this subject.

20 August 2019 - Speaker: Eric Stierna, Head of Design and Engineering, Dynamic Controls
Subject: The Highs and Lows of a Flying Career. Eric's aviation experience includes flying with US Army as an operations pilot, instructor pilot, experimental test pilot and GA operations in New Zealand.

16 July 2019 - Speaker: Don Simms; Subject: The Air War in the Falklands - covering the part Air Power played in the 1982 Falklands War.
It briefly covers the history of the Falkland Islands prior to 1982 and each side's claim to the territory, the Argentine invasion in April 1982 and the British response, culminating in the recapture of the Islands in June 1982.

18 June 2019 - Speaker: Errol Smart
Subject: Life of a Flight Instructor - Part 2
More than 5 decades as the holder of a Flight Instructor Rating, Errol has worked full-time and part-time for six Aero Clubs, and for Air New Zealand as a Flight Instructor, Aircraft Engineering Instructor, and Support Engineer.

21 May 2019 - Speaker: Errol Smart. Subject: Life of a Flight Instructor

16 April 2019 Speaker: Andy Drain; Subject: A Lifetime in ATC - and a prediction

19 March 2019 - A VIDEO Presentation Subject: The 1953 London to Christchurch Air Race

19 February 2019 - Speaker: Ian Carmichael. Subject: World Trends in Airliners
His experience covers general aviation, maintenance of air transport category aircraft civil and military, manufacturing, quality assurance, industrial relations and safety management. The talk will be on current trends in the development of air transport aircraft and their powerplants.

20 November 2018 - Speaker: Graham Jack, GM Pratt & Whitney Air New Zealand Services (AKA Christchurch Engine Centre ) Subject: Maintaining Airliners

23 October 2018 - Speaker: Viv de Beus, GM Aircraft Maintenance, Air New Zealand; Subject: Maintaining Airliners.

18 September 2018 - Speaker: Bruce Airns Subject: Marketing in Aviation

21 August 2018 - Speaker: Andrew Crawford Managing Director at Sounds Air; Subject: Sounds Air - Managing Safety and Culture during its recent rapid expansion

17 July 2018 - Speaker: Gareth Williamson, Airline Development Manager, Christchurch Intl Airport Ltd;
Subject: Building a World-Class Aviation Network at Christchurch

19 June 2018 - Speaker: Brian Lockstone, Editor, Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand Inc
Subject: US Navy Douglas R4D operations in the Antarctic 1946-67

15 May 2018 - Video "Urban Air Mobility by AIRBUS - an innovation challenge (RAeS UK lecture)"

17 April 2018 - Speaker: Dean Gullery, Manager of QA and Safety, Christchurch Engine Centre; Subject: Developing Quality and Management Systems

20 March 2018 - Speaker: Owen Pimm; Subject: Daimler Benz 600 v RR Merlin.

20 February 2018 - Speaker: Owen Pimm; Subject: Daimler Benz 600 v RR Merlin.

17 October 2017 - Speaker: Phil Kennedy; Subject: The Development of Piston Engines up to WW2

19 September 2017 - Speaker: Brian Lockstone Subject: DC3's in New Zealand

15 August 2017 - Speaker: Richie McCaw; Subject: Planes, Helicopters and Gliders

18 July 2017 - Speaker: Sharon Cooke; Subject: Training at Airways NZ

20 June 2017 - Speaker: Dr Chris Hann; Subject: Rocket Engineering

18 April 2017 - Speaker: Peter Dixon ; Subject: A Life in Aviation

21 March 2017 - Speaker: Tania MacKinnon; Subject: Air Training in Rangiora

21 February 2017 - Speaker: Ian Carmichael Subject: The Development of the Jet Engine - 1950 to Today

15 November 2016 - Speaker: Part 1: Student 2016 Award For Excellence - a presentation to the winner by Branch Chairman Ian Carnichael;
Subject: The Aviation Historical Society, and civil aviation in the Solomon Islands in the mid-late 80s

18 October 2016 - Speaker: Brian Hall; Subject: My Aviation Career and the T28 Trojan

20 September 2016 - Speaker: Don Simms; Subject: Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, it's development and service history.

16 August 2016 - Speaker: Ivor Yockney; Subject: Wildlife Capture and Tracking

19 July 2016 - Speaker: Ivan Campbell; Subject: Constructing and Flying a 7/8 Scale Spitfire

21 June 2016 - Speaker: Mike Marra, former Air New Zealand pilot and engineer; Subject: The Life and Times of an Engineer and Pilot

17 May 2016 - Speaker: Gordon Alexander, Aviation Manager, ASL; Subject: ASL (division of Aspeq) the aviation examining contractor

19 April 2016 - Speaker: Dr Chris Pennell; Subject: Speciality Grasses as Related to Flight Safety

15 March 2016 - Speaker: John Dugdale; Subject: Pilot Cognitive Dysfunction

16 February 2016 - Speaker: Paul Penning; Subject: Christchurch Airport's New Engineering Training Facility

17 November 2015 - RAeS Excellence Award 2015; Speaker: Les Vincent; Subject: Good light aviation Tales

20 October 2015 - Speaker: Roger Ward; Subject: His Career in Air Traffic Control

15 September 2015 - Speaker: Rex Wilson; Subject: An Oversight of Airways Area Responsibility.

18 August 2015 - Speaker: Paul Drake - President of Canterbury Aero Club; Subject: An Insight into Aviation Security

21 July 2015 - Speaker: Ian Cadwallader - Part2 Subject: His Time as an Airline Pilot

16 June 2015 - Speaker: Brian Hall; Subject: His Aircraft Collection

19 May 2015 - Speaker: Kelly Bint; Subject: RNZAF Lady Flyer – her personal journey

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