Royal Aeronautical Society Hamilton Branch Meeting

Date: Wednesday 25 November
Time: 19:30 for 20.00
Venue: Glenview Club, 211 Peacockes Road, Glenview, Hamilton
Speaker: Rod MacKay
Subject: Aircraft Structural Dynamics

Rod MacKay will be giving a presentation into a highly specialist discipline used when designing, testing and certificating aircraft. That is the discipline of structural dynamics. The SuperPac will be used to illustrate some elements of this highly skilled engineering discipline. A ground vibration test was required as part of the certification of Pacific Aerospace's new 850 HP SuperPac. This involves shaking the aeroplane to determine possible flutter modes. The talk will also include other aircraft measurements such as propeller vibration testing, and engine torsional vibration. The ability to conduct this work and interpret the results is rare across the aviation industry.

If you want to get ahead of the group, you can do some internet searches on aircraft ground vibration tests, GVT. Focus on reputable sites. If you want, you can also look into the application into launch vehicles. This type of work really is one of the foundation stones of aircraft design and certification. Rod’s presentation will be an opportunity for us to learn about it from someone who knows how it is done and its application to a local design.

On-site meetings have now resumed subject to the rules under Covid Alert Level 1, or current level on the day.

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