Wellington branch ZOOM Meeting

Matthew Lloyd's presentation on the New Zealand Red Cross UAV project

Thursday 23 April
Format for Thursday's Zoom meeting:

6:30pm - 7:00pm - Join the Zoom video meeting
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7:00pm - Welcome from the Wellington Branch Chairman David Saunders

Branch messages
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7:05pm - Introduction to Matthew Lloyd & Matthew's presentation

8:05pm - Questions

8:15pm - Conclusion

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About Speaker, Matthew Lloyd Lt Cdr RN Rtd. MComms, BSc(Hons)

For his first career Matthew was an officer in the Royal Navy. After mastering ship handling and navigation he sub-specialised in aviation, becoming adept at hunting Soviet submarines from helicopters and teaching electronic warfare.

At the end of the cold war Matthew moved to New Zealand where he ran field communications for the Department of Conservation. He studied communication theory and was awarded a Masters’ Degree from Victoria University in Wellington.

Matthew was recruited by New Zealand Red Cross (NZRC) to apply his theoretical and practical knowledge to solve the communications problems of Red Cross societies in the South Pacific. As a consequence Matthew is very familiar with communications without infrastructure and has designed several “disaster proof” communications systems based upon: radio (HF, VHF), and satellite ( Iridium, and Inmarsat BGAN), he also designed a portable reverse osmosis unit, small enough to travel as personal baggage on a plane. Currently Matthew is working on a project to use unmanned air vehicles (UAV) and machine learning (ML), to rapidly assess disaster damage in difficult to access communities.

When not designing gadgets Matthew was the creator and manager of the NZRC IT & Telecoms Emergency Response Unit (IT&T ERU). This group of volunteers is a global tool (tasked by the Red Cross in Geneva) that brings expertise and hardware to provide IT&T support in response to major disasters.

Matthew is currently an independent consultant in disaster response technology and remains a volunteer member of the NZRC IT&T ERU (chiefly initiating new ideas and the relationships required to make them practical).


On Thursday 23 April Matthew Lloyd gave a presentation to 30 members on the New Zealand Red Cross UAV project.

Matthew described the need of disaster assessment after say a cyclone and the limitations that current processes have where infrastructure may have been damaged or is just not available in a reasonable time,UAV's and iridium network could be the solution.Fixed wing UAV for max payload, electric power, nadir camera, hand launched, autonomous flight, able to land on the sea and cost effective.

Matthew is looking to recruit current or recently retired aviators to join the team. Once trained these qualified people will overcome the perception that UAV pilots are amateurs endangering real pilots.

Interested? then contact Matthew

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