Hamilton Branch Meeting - "The Big Picture Update"

The third lecture in 2012 looked at development after 1972; the major players, the launchers they are using, the orbits they are using and what the satellites and probes are doing. There is a huge number of satellites, covering everything from the 'routine' stuff that we now all take for granted like the International space station and the now retired space shuttle, global weather coverage and forecasting, the Earth sciences, GPS and worldwide instant communications, to the deep space missions and research satellites that have hugely increased our knowledge of the universe.

This lecture is a 2019 update of the third lecture. It includes significant activities that have occurred since 2011, including the entry of New Zealand into the space launch business.

Speaker Details:

Hugh McCarroll BE CEng MRAeS

Hugh had an extensive career in Qantas Engineering followed by airport management in New Zealand. In retirement, Hugh has had a strong interest in space and continues his lecture series with Part 3.


Thanks to all those (13) who came to last month's meeting, whenMr. Hugh McCarroll gave us a very thought provoking talk on the space race. This was part 3 of a series and was called the Big Picture Update,as things have been happening so fast that Hugh had to re-write his script 3 times before giving us the final parts to the story. This was a great lecture and it just shows how all this fascinating stuff is going on right now and changing so rapidly that progress is measured in weeks and month's not years as was the case until all these new agencies came on board, so watch this space.

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