Palmerston North Branch Meeting - Air Forces’ P8A Poseidon acquisition programme

When: 12 November 2019
Where: Massey School of Aviation
Speaker: Ron Thacker, RNZAF
Subject: Air Forces’ P8A Poseidon acquisition programme

We will have a presentation by Wing Commanders Lyall Stewart and Ron Thacker RNZAF. Lyall will brief us on the Air Forces’ P8A Poseidon acquisition programme and Ron will brief us on the work at RNZAF Base Ohakea to support the arrival of the aircraft in a couple of years’ time.

Ron is the Chief of Staff at Ohakea and Stewart is at RNZAF HQ in Wellington.This promises to be a very interesting presentation which will bring us up to date on a major aviation happening in the Manawatu.


I see that the RAF have accepted the first of their Poseidon sub-hunters to re-establish the capabilities that have been lacking since the demise of their Nimrod aircraft. RAF maritime aircrew have been with the USN, RAAF and RNZAF keeping their skills alive awaiting the British Politicians decision to re-instate the maritime capabilities which appear more necessary than ever given the resurgence of the Russian submarine fleet and the proliferation of sub-surface capability of nations such as Iran and North Korea. The RAF have 9 of these aircraft currently on order which are designated Poseidon MRA Mk.1. We have 4 of these aircraft on order which our November Meeting Presenters will brief us on.

Dennis O’Rourke,
Branch Chairman

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