Hamilton Branch Meeting - 'History of the New Zealand Aerospace Fletcher FU-24-954'

DATE: Wed 28 August 2019 - Lecture
TIME: 19:30 hrs / 7.30pm
VENUE: Glenview Club, Peacockes Road, Glenview, Hamilton.
GUEST SPEAKER: Wally Gee and Derek Williams
SUBJECT: History of the New Zealand Aerospace Fletcher FU-24-954

Our speaker will be Wally Gee, from Classic Flyers,Tauranga, assisted by Derek Williams, a local Ag/Pilot (with over 30,000hrs). They will be speaking on the History of the NZ Aerospace Fletcher FU-24-954 . Most of us know the importance of the Fletcher Fu-24 in the NZ Ag scene, but not all know of it's parentage and it's development to deliver fertiliser over the decades.

Wally Gee has agreed to prepare and deliver a presentation of his research of this important aircraft type. So come along and hear the story not just from the historical side, but also from the pilot's perspective, from one who knows.

Please note that we will be having a special general meeting at the start of the night's proceedings. This will be short and sweet and should only take a few minutes. The reason for this is, we have had a few changes with our officers and as cheque signatories, they have to be current and valid with the bank's requirements.

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