Mike Lynskey has an engineering background and cut his teeth as an engineering officer in the RNZAF where he had a distinguished career leading many significant programmes including resolution of such challenging problems as the premature failure of the Viper 680 engine. After leaving the RNZAF, Mike worked at Safe Air as the Engineering Manager for a year.

Mike joined ASPEQ ( after completing his MBA in 1995 and was involved in in project and general management,becoming the CEO in 2001. He held the CEO role for nine years and then transferred to his current role of Director Business Development.Mike has managed the international expansion of ASPEQ which now provides regulatory testing and exam services in 26 countries.

ASPEQ, began life as an NZ company in 1992 delivering aviation industry examinations and assessments in NZ and the Pacific islands. The company has since expanded and diversified beyond its NZ aviation beginnings and now provides licencing and assessment services in 26 countries. Customers come from many industries and sectors including the transport, building, emergency, medical and finance sectors.

ASPEQ’s team of over 200 full time and part time staff work out of operating companies registered in NZ, Australia and UK.Mike will explain how the company has applied sound strategies and leveraged and developed technology to build what is a remarkable global business that has been flying under the radar.

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