Bay of Plenty Branch Meeting. '‘Journey into Space - The Big Picture - 2019 Update"

When: 9 August 2019
Speaker: Hugh McCarroll BE CEng MRAeS.
Subject: Journey into Space - The Big Picture - 2019 Update

Report prepared by Des Underwood with photos by Mike Feisst

Our August Branch meeting was billed as: ‘Journey into Space–2019 Update’ which attracted more than 30 to fill the Armoury to capacity. Our speaker was Hugh McCarroll MRAeS ,a former President of the NZ Division who recently stood down as chairman of the Hamilton Branch. Hugh’s lecture proved to be an outstanding one on this fascinating topic which was supported by 125slides including excellent colour graphics, some moving, comprehensive statistics and a number of videoclips.

He opened the lecture by saying itwas named after a popular radio series he recalled from his boyhood. He said it was this and books on the folk hero Dan Dare –the World’sNo 1 Space Hero, from the 50s and 60s -who had him attracted him to embark on his own career in aviation and space technology in Australia and the USA. He showed a photo of himself pictured among a group of engineers in Australia when Neil Armstrong had first set foot on the Moon in 1969.

In the2019 update of his previous lecture series, he delivered to all Branches of the NZ Div. After the lecture, Hugh commented just how much has changed in space exploration since his earlier lecture in 2012 but that he had enjoyed preparing the 2019 update.

In the course of his scripted lecture, Hugh used a range of colour images and graphics to compare the relative size of the launch vehicles to explain the numerous points he made as his delivery progressed. In listing the 12 nations now involved in space exploration, it was interesting NZ had become a relative new entrant in the so-called space race with the successful orbital launches by Rocket Lab.

The second part of the lecture was dedicated to the science of rocket launch and the complexities of numerous types of orbits used over the decades by the various countries involved.

Everyone who attended came away with an insight of current space exploration programmes, the new vehicles and the nations involved. It was a comprehensive,captivating and learned lecture which everyone appreciated. Hugh has since offered to deliver the 2019 Update to other Branches.

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