Challenges of Defence Projects by Kevin McMahon

Kevin McMahon is almost certainly the most experienced Defence procurement professional in New Zealand and this was demonstrated by his presentation on the many projects he has been involved.

AERMACCHI MB339CB, P-3 Re-Wing, SH-2G(NZ), Maritime Helicopter Capability Project (Kaman SH2G(I), F16 Procurement (Politics), C-130 LEP, B 757 Acquisition and Modification, P-3 MSU, MUH, A 109 T/LUH.

Kevin talked a little about each project from the development of the project and options available; the specifications and customer expectations; the range of contractors (and sub contractors!) involved and their skills;the problems encountered and solutions made along the way; and the “wins”and “losses”for New Zealand.

New Zealand had been used to buying equipment that had been used by others.By going our own way a deeper analysis, due diligence and management was now required.

Kevin’s conclusion: Lessons have been learned but often get lost with the passage of time. Military projects can be challenging and despite best efforts often events outside of your direct control will have adverse impacts on the project. Thanks Kevin for an interesting presentation.

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