Hamilton Branch Meeting - Australia's Greatest Peril 1942

DATE: Wed 24 October 2018 - Lecture
TIME: 19:30 hrs / 7.30pm
VENUE: Glenview Club, Peacockes Road, Glenview, Hamilton.
SPEAKER: Mr. Hugh McCarroll MRAeS. Chairman Ham/Branch.
SUBJECT: Australia's Greatest Peril 1942

1942 was the year of Australia's greatest peril. The nation awaited invasion from Japan. Darwin was devastated by bombing, Australian ships were torpedoed within sight of the coast, midget submarines attacked shipping in Sydney harbour, and Japanese forces on their inexorable march south invaded Papua New Guinea and islands to Australia's near north.

On the beautiful inland sea of Japan – the heartland of the Imperial Japanese Navy - and in frenetic wartime Tokyo, radical and passionate staff officers and their illogical admirals debated the invasion of an almost defenceless nation. The Imperial Army, meanwhile, opposed the attack, foreseeing a looming military quagmire. Behind the scenes, Australian, British and American defence chiefs all but dismissed the chances of holding Darwin and the North. Australia's fate hung in the balance.

1942 is a story of desperate bravery and criminal stupidity. It is the story of Australians left high and dry in those first few months of 1942, under the looming shadow of invasion, and the steps that an inexperienced leader, John Curtin, took to help save his country in its darkest days.

Thanks to all those (16) who came to last month's meeting, when Sal Carta gave a very interesting talk on ADS-B the new satellite supported system designed to replace radar as NZ's main a/c tracking technology. The current system will be de-commissioned in 2021. This new system ADS-B will be more accurate and hopefully safer than the present one.

Also at Classic Flyers Tauranga, 5 Westland Wessex helicopters have arrived from Taranaki, one will be kept as a static display at Museum and the rest sold/loaned or used as swaps to other Museums in NZ.

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