The Relevance of Aviation History to Millennials

SPEAKER: Brian Lockstone MRAeS, MILT
SUBJECT: The Relevance of Aviation History to Millennials
TIME: 5:30pm for a 6:00pm start
VENUE: Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand,
Level 15, Asteron Centre, 55 Featherston St., Wellington

This month Brian Lockstone will talk about the The Relevance of Aviation History to Millennials.

[Please note that lift access to level 15 will be open until 6:00pm. There will be no lift access in after 6:00pm.]

Today's millennials are the best educated, most tech-savvy and possibly the smartest generation in New Zealand's history. So what relevance do events such as the First World War in the air hold for them? For the majority of millennials, total war is shaped by popular culture, films and the occasional book. The relevance to millennials is that this war was fought by mainly young men – their equivalents from another era. The aces are commemorated in film and at air shows, but the bulk of the air war was conducted by bomber and observation pilots. Behind them lay a vast complicated machine, which provided the foundations of much of today's industrial organisation. How do we impart the hard lessons from the past to ensure they don't have to learn them again at some time in the future? This is our challenge.

This presentation is open to students, lecturers, teachers, aviation industry professionals, enthusiasts and anyone who is involved with young people who may be considering a career in aviation. This is also an occasion where young people with an interest in flying, aeroplanes, aviation and great jobs in the industry, can meet like-minded people interested in aviation who may have, or have had, jobs in the aviation industry.

Last month we visited the latest addition to the Great War Exhibition, the Quinn's Post Trench Experience.

Quinn's Post is a unique experience worldwide allowing us to live moment to moment, as the ANZAC troops did in the trenches at Gallipoli. Read more about it in the attached newsletter.

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