Royal Aeronautical Society – Kestrel Award

Citation: NH90/A109 Deeper Maintenance team

The Materiel Support Wing at Ohakea has, as one of its units, the NH90 and A109 Deeper Maintenance (DM) team. The Deeper Maintenance team is responsible for all Intermediate Level Maintenance on the NH90 and A109 aircraft. The DM mission statement is “The delivery of excellence in NH90 and A109 Deeper Maintenance services, which in conjunction with supporting agencies, meets or exceeds the RNZAF fleet availability requirements”.

Whilst initially being responsible for NH90 Deeper Maintenance at the team’s inception in 2015, the responsibility for A109 Deeper Maintenance was added during 2017.

Through dedication, commitment, teamwork and remaining focused, the RNZAF uniformed and integrated Airbus contractors alike, have performed at a level to impress the RNZAF, other Nations and Industry, through the demonstration of performance characteristics that to date have enhanced NH90 and A109 fleet availability.

The DM team has developed many of its own procedures, data management tools and processes to cope with complexities that the conduct of these servicings necessitated. For the NH90, many Nations were experiencing difficulties in the ability to conduct these servicing in an acceptable timeframe, which had to be overcome for the relatively small New Zealand fleet in order to preserve and ensure sufficient fleet availability. The levels of performance being achieved are becoming recognised around the NH90 community as class leading and builds upon the RNZAF reputation globally amongst other Nations that operate and maintain the NH90 and A109 platform.

The DM team strive for continuous improvement programs for both fleet types, which serve to keep the RNZAF at the leading edge of efficiency and effectiveness. As an example DM has developed the CPC program for both fleets that optimises the longer term structural preservation integrity in such a way that is not overly burdensome for the operational unit whilst reducing the fleet life cycle costs accordingly.

Through engagement with Airbus Australia Pacific a mutually beneficial relationship has been built, which optimises a collaborative approach to NH90 in service challenges through information sharing across various aspects of NH90 sustainment. The employment of the blended and integrated contractor man-power model which now exists under direct contractual relationship with Airbus is a cost model that delivers significant savings to RNZAF that allows funding of other critical support areas.

The DM team has exceeded expectations and is continuing to deliver exceptional results for the RNZAF NH90 and A109 fleet through a unique approach, innovation and the dedication of the RNZAF uniformed and integrated contractors alike.

For these reasons the NH90 and A109 DM team was nominated for the Royal Aeronautical Society - Kestrel Trophy 2017.

Sir Geoffrey Roberts Award

This award is open to any young person who is a New Zealand citizen and who has the firm intention of following a career in civil aviation in New Zealand. This proposal is a formal statement of achievement.

While there is a need for sound management, design, construction and maintenance in the aviation industry, which is often celebrated, there is an equal need for a trustworthy, consistent and sound interface between aircrew and Licensed Aircraft Engineer upon an aircraft’s arrival and its dispatch. This is where the Candidate excels.

Sir Geoffrey, as a pilot of some experience, understood this interface and demonstrated his commitment to it by holding the position of Patron of the Society of Licensed Aircraft Engineers & Technologists for many years.

The award consists of a monetary grant, a citation and a medal.

The award for 2017 goes to Craig Holland, for his contribution to keeping the operational wheels of aviation turning safely, over a substantial number of aircraft types, wherever his duty was, in New Zealand, the USA and Australia.

Craig undertook an avionics apprenticeship with Air New Zealand in Christchurch and shortly afterwards, uniquely, embraced the mechanical discipline as well. In the following years Craig gained and actively operated AME licenses in all three countries and beyond, when flying as a support engineer.

Added to Craig’s licenses are a significant number of Company type approvals, covering a range of 18 large to small air transport aircraft and 13 different powerplant types. What is further admirable is the number of airline operators, outside of Craig’s employer, which he has been required to service: 6 in Christchurch; 4 in Los Angeles; 7 in Brisbane, as well as many second and third level operators in Australia.

Over many years Craig has displayed consistent dedication to first and second level line and ramp maintenance of aircraft, a trustworthy and sound interface with aircrew for his employer, has dealt professionally with the Civil Aviation Authorities in those countries, and the operators from further afield.

Craig Holland is a worthy recipient of the Geoffrey Roberts Award.

Presented this day in Wellington
26th October 2018

Recommended for this award by Barry Geddes, FRAeS, FSLAET, FNZIM

E A Gibson Award

This award was set up by the RAeS as a memorial to E A Gibson, a former Director of Civil Aviation, and is to acknowledge substantial technical achievement in the field of agricultural aviation or generally in the field of aviation safety. The Award takes the form of a silver medal, a certificate and a citation.

The award for 2018 goes to Andrew Francis Barr Stevenson.

Andy started his agricultural flying career with Wanganui Aero Work in November 1969 and later with Fieldair Ltd. In 1978, he formed Farmers Air Partnership in Gisborne and two years later the company took over the assets of Cookson Airspeed Ltd in Wairoa, topdressing and spraying the East Coast north of Napier. After a buyout of the other shareholders in 1987, Andy became Chief Pilot and Managing Director of Farmers Air Ltd.
From the outset, improvements and modifications to the various aircraft have helped to maintain the highest operating standards, where, through careful selection of aircraft and use of the latest technology, Andy provided effective topdressing services to his farming and other customers. Farmers Air Ltd was an early adopter of gas-turbine powered aircraft such as the PAC Cresco as the primary type used for agricultural operations on the East Coast and in Malaysia. Over the next ten years, Andy bought a number of other East Coast agriculture operations and acquired a number of aircraft. Andrew Hogarth joined Farmers Air as a loader driver in 2001 and later as a pilot.

In 2005, Andy embarked on new venture to expand his aviation interests beyond New Zealand, into humanitarian transport, aerial survey and other utility roles. Kiwi Air Ltd has its base in Gisborne with a fleet of 11 aircraft. With operations often in remote places and with the majority of Kiwi Air’s fleet, pilots and engineers from NZ, the set up is similar to the NZ topdressing operation.

In 2009, Andy Stevenson and Andrew Hogarth were instrumental in the redevelopment of the Pacific Aerospace Ltd 750XL into an agricultural aircraft. Flight Structures Hamilton carried out the design with a substantially revised fuselage structure including the hopper as a load-bearing structure item, changes to the vertical stabiliser, a large hopper lid, agricultural GPS and GPS tracking equipment and ergonomic changes to increase pilot safety and reduce fatigue. The conversion was completed in 2011.

Farmers Air continues to operate successfully after more than forty years and during this time, Andy Stevenson personally trained 30 pilots. Andy has progressively handed over the reins of Farmers Air Ltd to Andrew Hogarth, who became Chief Pilot and Managing Director in October 2014. Andy continues as a consultant to the company and is still listed as a line pilot. In his long career Andy has accumulated over 30,000 accident-free hours.
As well as Kiwi Air, Andy, his wife Eileen and other family members continue to be involved in various aviation enterprises. In the 2016 Queen’s Birthday Honours, Andy was made a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

In recognition of the extraordinary innovation and excellence in refining agricultural aviation operating techniques and technology in NZ and overseas for more than five decades, Andrew Stevenson is awarded the EA Gibson Award for 2018.

Presented this day in Wellington, 26th October 2018
Recommended for this award by Des Underwood, Chairman Bay of Plenty Branch


This award was established by George Watt to recognize outstanding technical merit which enhances the efficiency of the Royal New Zealand Air Force. The award is open to all ranks of the RNZAF, and is for:

The winner is selected by Air Staff who make the RAeS Division aware of the successful candidate and the reasons for the selection. This year the George Watt Award is awarded to Mr Mark Corbett.

Mark Corbett is employed within the Directorate of Continuing Airworthiness Management at RNZAF Base Auckland providing technical support to the B757’s Rolls-Royce RB211-535 engine. For more than a decade, Mark has applied his significant experience to provide the NZDF with a level of technical support that frequently and significantly exceeds the requirements of his position.

As part of the Propulsion Fleet Support Team, Mark’s extensive experience of gas turbine engine maintenance, repair and overhaul, has enabled him to excel in roles as technical specialist, logistics specialist, fleet planning and contractual advisor for the in-service maintenance, repair and overhaul support of the RB211 fleet.

Mark’s decisions are based on whole-of-life plans for individual engines with the aim of minimising operating costs while maximising reliability and availability. Specifically, his work with the RB211-535 engine has realised some $3.72M in savings over the past ten years. Commercially savvy, Mark’s knowledge has enhanced contractual negotiations. He ensured the resultant contract novation with Rolls-Royce for RB211 repair and overhaul support met technical requirements and that Rolls-Royce Engine Overhaul Services were held accountable to the contractual requirements.

Mark has also become increasingly involved in an advisory role due to the recurring posting cycle and organisational changes with the Propulsion Fleet Support Team, and regarded as the ‘go to’ person for advice on the RB211 fleet.

In summary, Mark continues to add significantly to the efficiency of the NZDF by utilising his experience across multiple disciplines and enabling decisions that achieve maximum value for money. Mr Mark Corbett epitomises the values and attributes for which this award stands.

In recognition of his ability to see the engine from a whole of life perspective, his technical, logistics and fleet planning solutions that minimise through life cost while maximising engine component lives and engine time on wing, Mr Mark Corbett is awarded the George Watt Award for 2018.

Presented this day in Wellington, 26th October 2018

Recommended for this award by Group Captain PEC Johnson, MBE, Chief Engineer (Technical Airworthiness Authority), RNZAF.

Ian Diamond Award

The Ian Diamond award was established as a memorial to Ian James Diamond, General
Manager of Engineering at Air New Zealand. The award is made to a young aviation
professional wishing to embark on a course of higher academic study leading to a tertiary
qualification in an aviation related subject and with the firm intention of participating in New
Zealand aviation. The award consists of a monetary grant, a citation and a medal.

This award goes to CPL Samuel W Ward Y1030445 Avionics Technician.

CPL Ward is a highly motivated Avionics Technician who commenced extramural study
towards a Bachelor of Information Sciences degree at Massey University following an
Avionics Mechanics course.

CPL Ward recognises the benefits of higher education and has demonstrated significant
dedication and application to undertaking further studies. He has completed six papers
towards his Bachelor of Information Sciences degree thus far and has consistently gained
excellent results including ‘A’ and ‘A+’ grades for all core papers. CPL Ward is aiming to
have a number of papers cross credited from previous study, allowing him to complete this
degree in only two years.

CPL Ward’s academic excellence has also been demonstrated during his RNZAF initial
trade training, where he received the top student award for both Aeronautical Engineering
course and Avionics Mechanics course.

CPL Ward is currently employed in the Computer Bay at Avionics Squadron Auckland. He
has shown a keen interest in the field of aeronautical software and airborne computer
systems. He makes an active effort to learn about various systems including the P-3K2
Data Management System, CCNA, Linux and Rhino, either through formal courses or self-
study. He is a fast learner who is able to apply the knowledge learnt on courses to
immediately enhance his fault finding and repair capability.

This ongoing study in combination with Squadron experience has allowed him to take the
lead and successfully complete various upgrade projects such as the C-130 Hercules
Moving Map Laptop and P-3K2 Orion Data Recording Switch.

CPL Ward has a passion for study and self-improvement and has proven himself as a
capable airman that achieves excellent results. For the reasons stated above, CPL Ward
is a worthy recipient of the Ian James Diamond Memorial Award.

Presented this day in Wellington, 26th October 2018,
Recommended for this award by Group Captain PEC Johnson, MBE, Chief Engineer
(Technical Airworthiness Authority), RNZAF.

Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service Award is made by the Council of the Society, and recognises long term contributions and practical achievements in all sections of aerospace in New Zealand. The award takes the form of a certificate, a citation and a Silver medal.

This Meritorious Service award is made to Andrew Gormlie.

Andrew started flying with the Tauranga Aero Club, where he completed his PPL and CPL. After qualifying on Cessna and Pipers, he accumulated type ratings on many types and a share in Harvard ’98, which was one of the first Warbirds he used for display fly-pasts for ANZAC Day and other commemorative events.

When Andrew sold his glazing business, it allowed him to realise an ambition to establish an aviation museum. The Bay of Plenty Classic Aircraft Trust manages the venture and Andrew has been CEO since its inception, where he enjoys considerable local support and goodwill. His business acumen is used to preserve aircraft and aviation history at Tauranga airfield, where a two-hangar museum, business centre and café complex was opened in 2005. Under a CAA Part 115, Andrew also founded aircraft syndicates that include a Piper Cub, Airtourer, Steerman and Yak 52.

From the outset, the museum established engineering, display development and archive functions, to help restore and grow the number and quality of the exhibits. Like any viable enterprise, the museum runs as a business and Andrew leads a small team to operate and promote the museum. An ambitious programme of development and expansion to grow the business and events centre, has been helped with funding from a number of trusts and agencies and through local support from businesses disposed to providing material and other much needed assistance.

Under Andrew’s leadership, the museum established and run a series of biennial two-day air shows from 2010 until 2014, which developed to one-day shows better suited the holiday mood of visitors and locals from 2016. The air shows led Andrew to collaborate with other air show groups to establish the NZ Air Show Association in 2010, where he has been a Board Member since its inception and includes Wings over Wairarapa, Warbirds over Wanaka, Classic Flyers Tauranga, The Vintage Aviator and New Zealand Warbirds with the RNZAF and NZ CAA as associate members.

Andrew’s significant personal commitment has ensured the on-going success and development of the museum. The collection of aircraft types and challenging restorations include a Kittyhawk, rebuilt to ground running condition, and the restoration of Avenger NZ2505 as a joint venture with the Gisborne Aviation Preservation Society. A second Avenger restoration project is in progress.

The the Legacy Jet Centre was established to help fund the delivery and preservation of the former RNZAF Skyhawk NZ6201 and Aermacchi NZ6469 to Tauranga. In addition, Classic Flyers brought to display standard a variety of aircraft types, some of which are regularly ground-run. Andrew has been a member of the Bay of Plenty RAeS Branch since inception in 2015 and helps facilitates Branch meetings.

Andrew has single-handedly led the development of the Classic Flyers Museum to the point where it has developed a national reputation. For his enduring efforts in the preservation of classic aircraft and aviation history in New Zealand, Andrew Gormlie is a worthy recipient of the Society’s Meritorious Service Award.

Presented this day in Wellington, 26th October 2018,
Recommended for this award by Des Underwood, Chairman Bay of Plenty Branch

Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service Award is made by the Council of the Society, and recognises long term contributions and practical achievements in all sections of aerospace in New Zealand. The award takes the form of a certificate, a citation and a medal.

This Meritorious Service award is made to Peter Beck, founder and CEO of Rocket Lab.

Peter had the drive and vision to create a remarkable rocket vehicle and engine that can be mass produced to provide a regular, reliable, satellite launch capability from its launch pad in Mahia peninsular on the East Coast of New Zealand. Rocket Lab successfully orbited four satellites on 21 January 2018 on what was only the second test flight of its Electron Rocket.

Peter led the design and construction of the Electron Rocket and its Rutherford engine. Both represent significant advances in the technology, utilising lightweight materials and novel manufacturing methods. The Rutherford rocket engines are 3D printed and utilise a novel propulsion cycle. The use of high performance electric propellant pumps reduces weight and improve the efficiency of the engines. Rocket Lab has also developed its own inhouse avionics and software to control the vehicle in flight. This uses the latest FPGA architecture to allow maximum flexibility and ease of customisation of the software for each launch.

In addition to all these technological achievements, Peter has been instrumental in the creation of the company. He is the founder, CEO and CTO of Rocket Lab, which is a private company with major investors including Khosla Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Data Collective, Promus Ventures, Lockheed Martin and K1W1. Company headquarters are in the USA and it has its major operation in New Zealand.

Rocket Lab has also been instrumental in the enactment of necessary legislation and attendant regulations to allow New Zealand to be a significant operator in the space launch industry. This success encouraged the New Zealand Government to establish a Space Agency, to encourage further development of space related activities, which take advantage of New Zealand's unique location and resources for future development of the space industry.

Rocket Lab’s proposed 200 launches per year, offer much cheaper access to space for the rapidly growing small satellite market. This is unprecedented in the history of spaceflight.

Peter Beck has received a previous Meritorious Service Award from The RAeS following the launch of Atea 1, which reached an altitude of more than 100km in 2009. His latter achievements eclipse this achievement in many ways. Peter Beck is a worthy recipient of the Society’s highest honour, the Meritorious Service Award with a Rhodium medal.

Presented this day in Wellington, 26 October, 2018
Recommended for this award by the Council, RAeS (NZ Division)

Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service Award is made by the Council of the Society, and
recognises long term contributions and practical achievements in all sections of
aerospace in New Zealand. The award takes the form of a certificate, a citation and
a medal.
This Meritorious Service award is made to Thérèse Angelo MNZM.

When the RNZAF Museum was opened in 1987 Thérèse was already a member of
staff. In the succeeding years she has risen to the appointments of Research Officer,
Collections Manager and in 2002 became the first civilian Director. From that time
she has had a very clear vision for the future of the Museum and has worked
tirelessly to attain it. By way of milestones a new History Gallery was opened in 2008
as the first step in a major redevelopment project and in 2009 free admission was
introduced. This of course meant that many more visitors could avail themselves of
the opportunity to learn the Air Force story and numbers have increased from 38,394
in 2007/2008 to 132,921 in 2017/2018.

In 2013 her vision was realised when $16 million had been raised and the
redevelopment was complete. A new building which more than doubled the existing
floorspace was opened by the Governor General and, in support of the Canterbury
community, was committed initially to accommodate heritage and culture collections
displaced or damaged in consequence of the earthquakes. It now provides much
needed aircraft display space and new purpose built workshops. She has not rested
on her laurels, a new memorial courtyard has been opened and exhibitions
commemorating both World Wars have been mounted. School visit programmes
have awoken the interest of young people in aviation. She is now engaged in longer
term planning for the acquisition and display of Hercules and Orion aircraft.

At the request of Dame Fran Wilde and in recognition of her reputation in museology
she was seconded for a period of some six months in 2016 to manage the straitened
Great War Exhibition in Wellington. Her contribution was described as phenomenal
and the exhibition turned the corner as a direct result of her efforts.

Thérèse has been awarded the Chief of Air Force’s Commendation in 1999, the
Chief of Defence Force’s Commendation in 2011 and became a Member of the New
Zealand Order of Merit in the 2011 Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to
Museums. She has seen extensive service on the Board of Museums Aotearoa and
twice been elected to the Chair. She has also served on the Board of the Aviation,
Tourism and Travel Organisation.

Her passion for aviation and significant contributions to New Zealand’s museums,
make Thérèse Angelo MNZM a worthy recipient of the Society’s Meritorious Service

Presented this day in Christchurch, 21 st August 2018,
Recommended for this award by Canterbury Branch and Council

Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service Award is made by the Council of the Society, and recognises long
term contributions and practical achievements in all sections of aerospace in New Zealand.
The award takes the form of a certificate, a citation and a Silver medal.

This Meritorious Service award is made to Thomas Coldham Williams QSO.

Tom has had a long and distinguished career in aviation, business and the community. Is
the President of the New Zealand Sport & Vintage Aviation Society, Board Member of
Aviation New Zealand, Council Member of the New Zealand Aviation Federation, Board
Member and Event Director of WINGS over Wairarapa.

The origins of the New Zealand Sport and Vintage Aviation Society lie in 1974 when Tom
acquired the assets of The Golden Age Flying Society based at Omaka Aerodrome,
Blenheim. The Society was amalgamated into a new organisation based at Hood
aerodrome, Masterton, closely affiliated with the Tiger Club of New Zealand, the Amateur
Aircraft Constructors Association and the Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand. To
recognise the association of these varied groups the name ‘New Zealand Sport and Vintage
Aviation Society’ was coined.

During this early period Tom’s enthusiasm for vintage aviation led him to acquire Tiger Moth
ZK-BAT and Dominie ZK-AKY and, on behalf of the society, a host of De Havilland engines,
spares and parts. He also had the foresight to secure NZSVAS’s original hangar, which
had become surplus to the requirements of its government owner, the Meteorological
Service. Other assets added over the years have been a second hangar, Harvard NZ1033,
Tiger Moth ZK-BLK, Percival Proctor Mk V ZK-AQZ and DH Chipmunk ZK-PTN, which were
proudly restored by the membership.

In later years, NZSVAS, under Tom’s leadership, embarked on its biggest projects to date.
The ten WINGS over Wairarapa air shows (2001-2017) have been a major success that
established NZSVAS and Hood as the North Island home of vintage aircraft. Of special
significance was the establishment of the George Hood Aviation Centre, which is a
crowning achievement for both Tom and SVAS.

A long association with Alpine Fighter Collection, including a close personal friendship with
Sir Tim Wallis, and Tom’s involvement in assisting the establishment of two other significant
vintage aircraft collections on the airfield have enhanced this historical presence. Through
Tom’s significant effort, Hood Aerodrome has begun to be considered as a world centre of
vintage and warbird aviation. In all this, Tom has been a central driving force, with the
vision, determination and energy to see all the various projects through to fruition.

His passion for aviation and significant contributions to New Zealand’s vintage aviation and
air show scene make Thomas Coldham Williams QSO a worthy recipient of the Society’s
Meritorious Service Award.

Presented this day in Wellington, 26 th October 2018,
Recommended for this award by David Saunders, MRAeS, Chairman Wellington Branch

Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service Award is made by the Council of the Society, and recognises
long term contributions and practical achievements in all sections of aerospace in New
Zealand. The award takes the form of a certificate, a citation and a Silver medal.

This Meritorious Service award is made to Bruce Chapman.

Bruce has had a long and colourful aviation career that includes an A Cat flight
instructor rating, 20,000 hours as a line and training captain, air charter and specialist
air freight services. Bruce declined an offer to be an RNZAF engineer, until National
Service, instead completing an apprenticeship that led to his own engineering
business, which paid for his flying training with the Auckland Aero Club. Shortly after
getting his rating, Bruce took up a twin-role opportunity with the Aero Club, as an
instructor and air charter commercial pilot.

Bruce gained a top-dressing DC-3 type and joined SPANZ to fly ‘Viewmaster’ DC-3’s
on NZ scheduled services, where he gained his Airline Pilots Licence. He flew trans-
Tasman TEAL Lockheed Electras as a first officer, gained a Flight Navigators Licence
and was appointed to the Training Division. He retained a dual line and training role
for his entire time with TEAL and Air New Zealand. He had ratings on DC-8, DC-10
and 747s. Upon ‘retirement’ from Air NZ, he received a presentation from the
Governor General, Sir David Beattie and a letter of thanks from Buckingham Palace.
Retirement was a small farm and fishing excursion business. He flew Metroliners part-
time for NZ Post to keep his hand in and was training captain for Freedom Air. He
sold his farm for a full time opportunity in air freight, which was cut short due to
competition from airlines and continued flying with air charter operations in NZ. His
experience led to a position with Southern World air-freight, responsible for DC-8-60
crew selection and training; he also gained a 737 rating. This led to an Operations
Manager role for Pacific Express operating Il 76 jets with Russian crews.

Bruce was invited by Trevor Bland to the first meeting that led to Warbirds NZ. He
became part owner of an ex-RNZAF Harvard and while at Auckland, he supported the
operations and growth of NZ Warbirds. So began Bruce’s interest in preserving
historic aircraft with the aim to ‘keep them flying’. Bruce also became fleet manager of
the NZ Historic Aircraft Trust, where, in 1998 in a Cessna A-37B Dragonfly, he
competed in the first Tasmanian jet pylon air race with Maurice Hayes. Bruce and
Trevor then joined Polynesian Airlines flying 737’s on Trans-Tasman and other Pacific

In 1999, Bruce joined Andrew Gormlie, at the airport aviation museum, which became
Classic Flyers NZ. Bruce has been one of the leaders in restoration aspects of the
museum and even found time to fly. In 2011, Bruce oversaw the relocation of the
NZHAT aircraft collection to Tauranga airport adjacent to Classic Flyers, which adds
an historic element to the Tauranga City Air Shows. As well as continuing to enjoy
recreational flying, Bruce made time for other aspects of the industry, including
membership of the local RAeS Branch.

For his valuable contribution to the aviation industry, flight training and work with the
preservation of historic aircraft, Bruce Chapman is a worthy recipient of the Society’s
Meritorious Service Award.

Presented this day in Wellington, 26 th October 2018,
Recommended for this award by Des Underwood, Chairman Bay of Plenty Branch

Michael J Neville/Boeing Aeroplane Company Award

The Michael J Neville/Boeing Aeroplane Company Award was established as a
memorial to Mike Neville, Company Solicitor at Air New Zealand Ltd, with a donation
from The Boeing Airplane Company with whom Mr Neville had many dealings. The
award is made to a young person employed in aviation in New Zealand who
demonstrates excellence in work ethics, values, application and results, and has the
intention of further study. The award takes the form of a specially minted medal, a
certificate and a monetary grant.

The Michael J Neville/Boeing Aeroplane Company Award for 2017 goes to
AC I W Murphy P1034691 Avionics Technician.

Aircraftsman Isaac Murphy has consistently demonstrated a dedication to hard work
throughout his time in the RNZAF. He excelled in training and subsequently
achieved top student in his Aeronautical Engineering Fundamentals course and then
averaged 93% during the twelve month Avionics Mechanics course. Carrying this
onto his posting to NH90 Flight at No. 3 Squadron, AC Murphy has continued with
this drive and commitment by gaining all 12 mandatory authorisations within a record
two months on the job, then topping the NH90 aircraft familiarisation course.

AC Murphy is a polite respectful airman of high moral standards, with very strong
personal values, who also respects and appreciates the values and characteristics of
others. He has transposed this into his own personal contribution to youth. Recently
AC Murphy represented the Royal New Zealand Air Force on a 10 day, Spirit of
Adventure, youth development trip where his role was to lead, motivate and inspire
the young people who attended. He again excelled in this role.

AC Murphy is passionate about aviation and enabling others less privileged to gain a
career in aviation. Already part way to achieving a Commercial Pilots Licence, AC
Murphy is focused on establishing a training centre for the purpose of enabling less
privileged New Zealanders to get flying experience and a training pathway, without
the tremendous cost and loans usually associated with flying. His business plan is to
partner with businesses and organisations to provide sponsorship and part time work
for students who show a keen interest in aviation but lack the financial means to
realise their aspirations.

AC Murphy is an intelligent and highly motivated individual whose community minded
attitude exemplifies the qualities of such an award as the Michael J Neville award.
These attributes are seen as commendable, not least due to his philanthropic
aspirations, but also in recognition of his character values and performance to date.
As a young airman AC Murphy has shown a keenness to take the lead and is
committed to the success of the wider organisation.

The receipt of this award will not only enhance the opportunity he has to purse these
admirable goals and aspirations, but it will be an exciting stepping stone for others,
less privileged, to realise their ambitions and dreams. AC Murphy is a worthy
recipient of the Michael J Neville/Boeing Aeroplane Company Award for 2018.

Presented this day in Wellington, 26 th October 2018.

Recommended for this award by Group Captain PEC Johnson, MBE, Chief Engineer
(Technical Airworthiness Authority), RNZAF.

Special Recognition Award

The NZ Division Royal Aeronautical Society Plaque is awarded by the Council of the Society
and recognises significant individual contributions and practical achievements in all sections of aerospace in New Zealand.
The award takes the form of a certificate, a citation and a plaque.

This Special Recognition Award is made to Wing Commander Peter Franken, RNZAF.

RNZAF Engineering Officer, Wing Commander Peter Franken (Peter) was employed
as the Director of Aeronautical Engineering between Jun 2016 and April 2018 and
during this time he was the RNZAF representative on the RAeS National Council.
One of Peter’s strategic goals as the Director of Aeronautical Engineering was to
radically improve the commitment to Continued Professional Development (CPD)
within the profession of engineering in the RNZAF. Peter identified that both the
RNZAF’s and the Royal Aeronautical Society’s CPD required reinvigorating.

Combining these two development areas, Peter championed the creation of a routine
CPD forum that had the potential to unite all sectors of the aeronautical community in
New Zealand despite geographical separation. He researched ways to maximise
participation through a suitable technology that would allow people to participate in
CPD events ‘virtually’. He found and tested an application that was readily available,
easy to use and free to download. Peter fostered support from his CAA counterpart,
then advertised and trialled the concept initially to an audience of RNZAF engineers
and technicians and CAA engineers with two, ten minute slots for speakers. From
that trial, the current RAeS monthly online CPD programme was born, offering short,
dynamic, diverse and interesting presentations.

The monthly CPD event now boasts 200 regular subscribers, many of whom open
the event to all like-minded professionals in their organisation, using it as the focus of
team meetings and continued discussion off-line. The programme continues to go
from strength to strength and has recently been handed to the CAA for their 6 month
tenure as event organizers. This initial passing of organisation duties between the
RNZAF, CAA and Air New Zealand ensures that the content remains diverse and
maximises the ability to introduce new and interesting topics.

Acknowledging the foresight, use of technology to break down geographical
boundaries, and ensuring CPD was made available to all, and, for his unswerving
dedication to furthering professionalism across the New Zealand aeronautical sector,

Wing Commander Peter Franken is awarded the Special Recognition Award.

Presented this day in Wellington, 26th October 2018,
Recommended for this award by WG CDR Paul Cockerton, RNZAF

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