Hamilton Branch Meeting "Bruce Belfield's aviation career and the Safari 400 Helicopter"

DATE: Wed 28 June 2017
TIME: 19:30 hrs / 7.30pm for our guest speaker
VENUE: Glenview Club, Peacockes Road, Glenview, Hamilton.
GUEST SPEAKER : Bruce Belfield
SUBJECT: My aviation career and the Safari 400 Helicopter

Bruce is Australasian agent for Canadian Home Rotors, operating as South Pacific Home Rotors from his Te Awamutu base. He will talk about his involvement in aviation and his Safari 400 helicopter; an earlier model (ZK-HIV) is actually up for sale on Trademe. These machines got their nick name 'Baby Bell' from the obvious look-alike to the famous Bell 47G-3B1 (Mash movie) and, ironically, the one in NZ has also just popped up on Trademe. Last year Bruce had the satisfaction of being awarded Best Metal a/c and Best Rotorcraft at the SAA Convention with over 70 a/c in the competition, so well done Bruce.

Thanks to those (22) who attended last month's meeting, when Mr. Graham Lister gave us all a very thought provoking talk titled; "My Side of Erebus" which covered the part Graham was assigned to as Air NZ Liaison with the NZ Police in Operation Overdue,when on the 28th/Nov 1979 ANZ flight TE901 crashed on Mt.Erebus in Antarctica. This operation managed the recovery of all the bodies of the passengers and crew of this tragic event.

Bantam B-22J (ZK-ZAF)Terry Goldsbro then got airborne and the bright yellow Rand X-Air (ZK-JCK) one of two owned by the Waikato Microlight Club took off to do some circuits.Larry Spicer then vacated the field in his Flight Design CTLS (ZK-FDB). So guys,if you get bored at home,go for a drive and get some fresh air and see what's happening at Te Kowhai.

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