New Zealand Aeronautical Trusts Annual Awards

Every year, the NZ Division of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) nominates deserving individuals for a series of awards. We all know of someone who deserves recognition for in the field of aerospace, but how many of you know how to go about it and what to do? Well, wonder no more and read on.
These awards are open to the New Zealand and South West Pacific aviation community and includes both young and seniors alike. The awards are listed below and follow some set criteria. However, the number of nominations has been dwindling recently. NZ Aeronautical Trusts Ltd (NZATL) and the RAeS are seeking nominations from our aviation community. So please, consider your deserving staff, significant peers and studious juniors for an award this year.

What do you have to do to nominate someone?

You are required to write a citation for the submission, which could also be accompanied by supporting material. At Award application page more information can be found, including detailed lists of past recipients and their citations, which we encourage you to read (and copy format) as an example.

Who is the New Zealand Aeronautical Trust Limited?

NZ Aeronautical Trusts Ltd (NZATL) is an independent Trust Company owned by the NZ Division of the RAeS. NZATL has been honouring outstanding achievers in New Zealand and the South West Pacific aviation community since the early 60's, when the main Walsh Fund was established as a memorial to the NZ aviation pioneers Leo and Vivian Walsh. In the years that followed several more Trust funds were added to the portfolio (with specific requirements established by the Settlors).

Who qualifies for an Award?

The Awards recognise the achievements, innovation and excellence of both individuals and organisations. These honours are for achievements and contributions in all disciplines of aviation, including academia, aircraft maintenance, operations, legal, aerospace manufacturing, air transport, air traffic control, defence, government and research. Some awards are for young people entering the industry and act as encouragement to them as they begin their careers.

Who can nominate for an Award?

Any individual or organization can nominate another individual or organization for an award.

Who selects the winners?

The NZ RAeS Divisional Council and NZATL Awards Committee assess all nominations and select the successful applicants under the terms of the individual award criteria. The Divisional Council also considers nominations for Meritorious Service awards.

When are the Awards announced?

The Awards approved for any Calendar year are usually presented at the Royal Aeronautical Society Annual Dinner, which follows the Annual General Meeting. In recent years the Society has combined the Awards Presentation with the Annual Dinner that takes place after the Annual Symposium.

All award nominations are acknowledged and after scrutiny by the Awards Committee, successful applicants are invited to the Annual dinner to receive their award.

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