New Zealand Division Governance

The Division is an incorporated society operating independently, but within the Charter and bylaws of the parent UK Society. The Division operates to rules established in compliance with the requirements for an incorporated society in New Zealand.

The responsibility for the proper conduct of the affairs of the Division is vested in the Divisional Council, the members of which are elected by and from amongst the voting members of the Division. Council elections occur at the Annual General Meeting, which is normally held in conjunction with the annual Symposium. The Council meets monthly, or as required, to manage the affairs of the Society in New Zealand.

Current Council

As per the Constitution and Rules of the New Zealand Division, the Officers of the Council consist of the President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and Immediate Past President. In addition to those members, there shall be up to a maximum of 11 elected members who shall have full Council Voting rights.

Ex-officio Members of the Council without voting rights include the Chair of each Branch, an RNZAF representative nominated by the Chief of Air Force, and up to a maximum of four co-opted members.

The current council for 2021 consists of the following members:

Officers of the Council Name
President Shaun Johnson, FRAeS
Vice President Andrea Wadsworth, MRAeS
Honorary Secretary David Jupp, Affiliate
Honorary Treasurer John Cook, Affiliate
Elected Council Members Name
Immediate Past President Des Ashton, FRAeS
Council Member I John Barrack, MRAeS
Council Member II Allan Boyce, FRAeS
Council Member III Beth Coughlan, AMRAeS
Council Member IV Mike Lynskey, MRAeS
Council Member V John Macilree, MRAeS
Council Member VI John Mounce, FRAeS
Council Member VII Andrew Rooney, MRAeS
Council Member VIII Frank Sharp, FRAeS
Council Member IX -
Council Member X -
Council Member XI -
Branch Chairs Name
Auckland Simon Williams, MRAeS
Bay of Plenty Des Underwood, MRAeS
Blenheim Des Ashton, FRAeS
Canterbury Ian Carmichael
Hamilton Sal Carta
Palmerston North Dennis O'Rourke
Wellington David Saunders, MRAeS
Co-Opted Council Members Name
RNZAF Representative Steve Hunt
CAANZ Representative Jason Ashworth, MRAeS
Co-Opted Member I -
Co-Opted Member II -
Co-Opted Member III -

Branch Committees

Each Branch of the New Zealand Division is run by a committee who is responsible for organizing Branch activities. Branch committees are generally made up of a Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. See the individual branch pages for more details.

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